RUSTICA launches new Virtual Exhibition section on website

RUSTICA is announcing the launch of a new Virtual Exhibition section on its website. This initiative aims to provide an engaging and informative platform to showcase the innovative work being carried out by the RUSTICA project.

RUSTICA project meeting held in Angers

RUSTICA project meeting held in Angers

The RUSTICA Project held its eighth project meeting at the scenic Terra Botanica Park and the Chamber of Agriculture Pays de la Loire in Angers, France.

Rustica family farm visits

Last week, we welcomed Guillermo Pena in Leuven. Guillermo is researcher at the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT).

1st RUSTICA cross- visit held in Flanders

1st RUSTICA cross-visit held in Flanders

During the last 2 years of the project the RUSTICA project will organise a series of cross visits open to regional stakeholders interested in learning more about RUSTICA and its pilots.

Rustica meets german bioeconomy

Rustica meets german bioeconomy

A broad spectrum of activities and progress of the Bioeconomy in Germany was presented by high-level experts on the seminar “Industrielle Bioeconomy”, thereby focusing on resource efficient production concepts which will not only be a competitive advantage but also a factor of reliable supply chains in the future.

Farming in Flanders: Does size matter?

University Press Leuven kicked off the year with the publication of a book on the future of farming in Flanders. As all across Europe and beyond Europe’s borders, there are lively debates in Flanders on how to move towards more sustainable farming systems.

3rd Regional RUSTICA workshop in Flanders on the 7th of November 2022

3rd regional workshop in Flanders on the 7th of November 2022

Flanders was the first RUSTICA region to organise the 3rd multi-stakeholder workshop with 14 attendees involved in different parts of the bio-based fertiliser (BBF) value chain including farmers associations, policy makers, research institutes, and waste stream managing companies.

Fifth RUSTICA project meeting

Liesbet Vranken, Tessa Avermaete and Margo Heremans (KULeuven), coordinators of the project, welcomed the participants and presented the objectives of the meeting.

RUSTICA – 2nd regional workshops

In May and June 2022, the second round of RUSTICA-workshops were organized in the 5 partnering regions: Flanders (Belgium), Pays de la Loire (France), Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), Almería (Spain) and Valle del Cauca (Colombia).

H2020 RUSTICA urban famring

Better policies for Urban Farming

The European Forum on Urban Agriculture (EFUA) organized on the 21st of June 2022 a policy talk in Brussels on better policies for urban farming. Experts with very diverse backgrounds reflected on bottlenecks and opportunities in current policies.


Debate on the Future of European Agriculture

Food and farming have become popular topics for debates and events. That’s an evolution we should embrace. Food is so much more than a basic need. Food determines to a large extent our wellbeing and it has a high cultural value.

LAST CALL! Bio-based fertilisers online survey

Are you an agricultural producer or advisor? Do you know anyone active in farming? Participate with us in an online survey to unleash the potential of bio-based fertilisers.

Jornada de Innovación de la Alianza Bioversity International & CIAT

El 14 de marzo de 2022 se llevó a cabo la Jornada de Innovación: La Ciencia del Futuro para la Transformación de los Sistemas Alimentarios, de la Tierra y del Agua, en el marco de la inauguración del nuevo banco de semillas “Semillas del futuro”, en la sede regional para las Américas de la Alianza Bioversity International & CIAT.

A straight way to circular economy

Resources all around the world are depleting rapidly. Just like the fossil fuels, the nutrients in our agricultural lands are decreasing. Meaning our lands will produce less and less food while the global population keeps growing Besides the negative economic tendence, the use of these fossil fuels aids climate change.

Coming up: Round 2 of regional RUSTICA workshops!

About six months ago, the first round of regional workshops in the five RUSTICA regions – Almeria, Flanders, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Pays de la Loire, Valle del Cauca – were organised.

Organic residues recycling in agriculture

Soil organic matter (SOM) is one of the most important components of soil as it influences virtually all the properties of soil that control agricultural and environmental functions.

Productive RUSTICA project meeting and inspiring field visits in Almeria

The RUSTICA project started in January 2021, with as key objective research on the processing of fruit and vegetable waste into bio-based fertilizers. Due to the Covid crisis, the consortium could not have any live meeting so far. But last week, finally, a real project meeting took place in Almeria.

A typology of sustainable circular business models

As an approach to sustainable development, circular business models are increasingly being developed. However, many circular business models focus on environmental or technological contributions to sustainability rather than considering all dimensions of sustainability simultaneously.

1st Regional RUSTICA workshop in Friuli Venezia Giulia on the 28th of October 2021

Friuli Venezia Giulia was the third RUSTICA Region to organise a multi-stakeholder’s workshop with about 15 attendees involved in different parts of the BBF (bio-based fertiliser) value chain including farmers associations, professional orders, policymakers, technical and environmental agencies, and research organisations.

Insects, food waste and fertilizers

The use of insects in bio-factories is making it possible to convert organic matter into high quality products, such as proteins for animal and human food. In the case of the agri-food industry, we see how their use is being consolidated both in the treatment of water purification and in the generation of substrates for crop fertilisation.

1st Regional RUSTICA workshop in Flanders on the 18th of October 2021!

Flanders was the first RUSTICA region to organise a multi-stakeholder workshop with about 20 attendees involved in different parts of the bio-based fertiliser (BBF) value chain including farmers association, fertiliser companies, technology providers, policymakers and research organisations.

Circular bioeconomy and how this will benefit the RUSTICA project

The circular bioeconomy covers many sectors with different interests and goals – agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food production, pulp, and paper production, as well as parts of the chemical, biotechnological, and energy industries, policy domains, and stakeholders with different interests and goals.

RUSTICA in the context of natural renewable resources

Currently, the international and European economy is mainly based on resources of fossil origin. These resources are subject to debate not only because of their finiteness but also with regard to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Who is BioSabor?

BioSabor S.A.T. is an ecological fruit and vegetable company located in the southeast of Spain. We are in the province of Almería next to Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The RUSTICA European Project, what interests for farmers?

In Pays de la Loire region, RUSTICA project will take place in one of the 17 National Gross Market infrastructures (Marché d’Intérêt National or “MIN”), in the city of Angers. Here, tons of waste are generated each year by unsold fruits and vegetables.

What is the technology behind the RUSTICA project?

Inge De Bo and Jef Van de Poel are responsible for the project technical management of RUSTICA. Inge holds a Ph.D in Applied Biological Sciences and does research related to the biological optimization of the carboxylic acid platform (CAP).

A Plan for an Innovative Solution to Organic Waste!

Since global environmental issues proliferated the mainstream public discourse, there have been plenty of incredible innovative inventions and technological solutions that changed the way we live now.

RUSTICA project, a successful beginning

Tessa Avermaete and Margo Heremans are responsible for the project management of RUSTICA. Tessa holds a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences and is an expert in managing European consortia at the division of bioeconomics.

It’s Earth Day, Time to Introduce This New Exciting Project!

This day is about empowering and expanding the environmental movement. As the health and wellbeing of every human being are closely interlinked with the health of our planet, fighting climate change requires persistent action on many levels.

New EU-funded project aimed at mineral nutrient recovery is underway

We are pleased to announce the signing of the RUSTICA project where through a transdisciplinary multi-actor approach, we aim to validate, demonstrate and integrate six technological options for mineral nutrient recovery from fruit and vegetable waste streams in multi-valorisation configurations across 4 regions in the European Union.



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