WP2. Multi-actor network

WP2 aims to set up a Multi-Actor network, where different stakeholders from different RUSTICA regions could get involved in RUSTICA research processes. Moreover, WP2 plans to facilitate the knowledge exchange comprehensively at four levels: consortium, regional, European and global.

To build up such a Multi-Actor network starting at the regional level, five knowledge brokers are assigned, who are members of the project consortium and are familiar with their regional contexts. The knowledge brokers will be trained and provided with the tools and guidelines necessary for bringing in and interacting with regional actors, and to report back insights gained during these interactions to the consortium.

To bring stakeholders into the network, WP2 will design an Expression of Interest (EOI). To interact with regional actors, six periodic workshops for each region are planned. During RUSTCIA workshops, not only will stakeholders get familiar with the RUSTICA research progress, also they can get involved in research processes. With this approach, the progress and results of the RUSTICA project could match regional demands. Furthermore, WP2 also plans to facilitate knowledge exchange at the cross-regional levels in which one cross-visit per region is planned.

Work Package Leader

Figure 1. Multi-Actor concept

Figure 2. Interactions across RUSTICA regions



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