WP4. Business model development

WP4 will guide and monitor the work carried out in the regional networks for the development of business models. This will make the project fully operational along a participatory path that would allow various stakeholders to share the vision of the project. It will implement an action plan to attain business models suited to regional situations. Introduce a shared vision for the use of residual biomass and the development of future scenarios based on market analysis.

WP4 builds on the multi-actor guidelines developed in WP2 and closely connected to WP2 and WP3 tasks. Sustainable business models will be developed based on the market analyses, using sustainable business model archetype. These archetypes are,

  1. Maximise material and energy efficiency;
  2. Create value from ‘waste’;
  3. Substitute with renewables and natural processes;
  4. Deliver functionality rather than ownership;
  5. Adopt a stewardship role;
  6. Encourage sufficiency;
  7. Re-purpose the business for society/environment; and
  8. Develop scale-up solutions from the farmer’s perspective.

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