WP1. Project management

WP1 will coordinate, monitor and structure the project development to ensuring a dynamic and efficient governance of the project. WP1 will maintain the Grant and Consortium Agreement and follow the guidelines set forth. It will monitor the project’s progress, achievement, risk and contingencies while ensuring timely reporting to the European Commission. WP1 will promote communication and exchange of information among consortium participants and efficiently managing all aspects related to administration, finances, and intellectual property rights.

KU Leuven is responsible for the project’s general management, coordinate financial and administrative coordination as well as market development. Technical coordination will oversee the quality of the techno-scientific work packages and tasks. Eigen Vermogen van het Instituut voor Landbouw, Visserij en Voedingsonderzoek (EVILVO) oversees the project design and monitory the quality of the socio-economic WPs and tasks while IDConsortium is responsible for managing the data. In the global context, CIAT, while supporting all partners, will guarantee the communication and relevance of the project for the CELAC region.

These partners have the general knowledge and experience on the different topics in this project and on different types of project coordination, as well as specific complementary expertise.

Work Package Leader



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