IDConsortium S.L.

IDConsortium is a Spanish private company, proactive and skilled in integrated management, dissemination and exploitation of R&D and innovation (Research, Development and innovation) of all types of private companies, as well as regional, national and European organizations. It was funded in 2009.

Its performance is mainly based upon the listed strategic lines:

  • Internationalisation of Research and Innovation in Spain, through the creation and dynamization of European Consortia with high visibility in Spain in order to develop Research and Innovation activities.
  • Collaboration in research, development and innovation project designs and planning, starting at the preparation phases all the way to their execution.
  • Management of financial lines that are unlike the traditional Financial Entity ones, for company investment projects and all other types of entities.
  • The management of the dissemination and exploitation of results in R&D projects.
  • The management of financing lines other than the traditional Funding Agencies, for investment projects in companies and of any kind of entity.
Macarena Sanz

Macarena Sanz received her Agricultural Engineer degree from University Politécnica in Madrid and her Executive Master in Business Administration from IESE in Madrid.

Her working life began at Accenture where she worked as a consultant. After almost 5 years of working in international consulting on projects for clients such as EADS and BP, she joined the IDAction team and founded IDConsortium. The main motivation to take this leap was to bring interesting international projects like the ones she had experienced in Accenture to Andalusia (her homeland). Within the first 3 years, she won 2 relevant European projects for the region, Fertiplus, and Fuel4ME. Now, Macarena is the managing director of IDConsortium.

She is a mother of two amazing children of 4 and 6 years old and her family is her passion and number one priority in her spare time. She also has several hobbies such as swimming, Easter week in Seville, skiing, gardening, flamenco dancing, reading, traveling, photography, playing guitar, and going to the cinema.

Macarena Sanz

Ronald Tipan

Ronald is a very skilled Communications and Project Manager professional with a strong interest in digital marketing, public relations, EU and international affairs, advocacy, research, and marketing communication. He has extensive professional experience in project administration, finance management, social media content production, photography, video and film editing, podcast and radio production, data analysis, donor relations, event coordination, and supervising interns and staff. He has traveled the world where he volunteered for several local and international NGOS, immersed himself in different cultures, further gained new skills and experience, and went on amazing outdoor adventures. Ask him about what his favourite city!

Ronald Tipan



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