Policy lens

RUSTICA perspective on EU Strategies

The technical validation, demonstration and implementation of bio-based fertilisers and soil improvers based on redundant leftovers from the agro-food value chain of the RUSTICA project and its impact perspective will significantly be determined by European Policy.

RUSTICA and Product Standards

The RUSTICA project awaits a wide range of new bio-based fertiliser components and expects a series of blends developed therefrom. In this regard, the question arise how a potential market could be entered by novel and promising innovations?

Analysis of national and regional legislative frameworks

The RUSTICA project explores and demonstrates a variety of products for a tailored plant nutrition and enhanced soil fertility. Five test cases are defined of which four are located in the EU and one in Colombia.

Legal aspects of bio-based Feedstocks

RUSTICA strives for valorisation of leftovers from the agri-food chain by transforming these bio-based resources into high-value products for plant nutrition and soil enhancement.

Systemic evaluation of political and legal environment

The RUSTICA concept involves an array of activities geared towards accomplishing its central objective:

“To foster the technical validation, demonstration, and implementation of bio-based fertiliser and soil improvement production techniques focusing on waste from the fruit and vegetable agro-food system to close nutrient cycles at a regional level” and its nine specific objectives.



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