WP3. Systemic feasibility assessment

A systemic feasibility study conducted in WP3 will uncover the potential, including the strengths and weaknesses, of RUSTICA technologies in processing fruit and vegetable waste streams and converting them into valuable product, such as bio-based fertilisers. This systemic evaluation includes:

  • Market analysis – to identify market barriers and pinpoint opportunities for bio-based fertilisers derived from the fruit and vegetable waste streams.
  • Techno-economic analysis – to assess the technical and economic performance of the technological approach proposed in RUSTICA project.
  • Environmental and social life cycle assessment – to evaluate the environmental and social impacts associated with all the stages of the life-cycle of RUSTICA products.
  • Legal analysis – to identify the legal drivers and barriers for implementing RUSTICA technologies at the European (macro), national (national) and regional (micro) level.
  • Agent-Based Model (ABM) simulation – to evaluate the feasibility of different value chain configurations and policies leading to the development of new business models.

Work Package Leader

Figure 1 WP3 structure

Figure 2 WP3 structure



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