RUSTICA launches new Virtual Exhibition section on website

RUSTICA is announcing the launch of a new Virtual Exhibition section on its website. This initiative aims to provide an engaging and informative platform to showcase the innovative work being carried out by the RUSTICA project. Visitors to the RUSTICA website can now explore interactive exhibits, informative content, and multimedia presentations, all designed to offer a deeper understanding of the project’s objectives and outcomes.

The virtual exhibition is meticulously curated to present content in five regions, with information available in each region’s native language as well as in English. The regions featured in this exhibition include Almería, Flanders, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Pays de la Loire, and Valle del Cauca. This approach ensures that a diverse audience can access and benefit from the insights and innovations showcased by RUSTICA.

The exhibition aims to provide a comprehensive narrative of the project, showcasing its core elements and introducing visitors to the essence and vision of RUSTICA. It includes a presentation on the Partners, highlighting the collaborative team behind the project’s success. The journey from conception to implementation is detailed in the section “From Idea to Reality,” offering insights into the various stages and milestones achieved over time.

One of the key sections of the exhibition is “From Research to Application“, which delves into the five technologies developed by the project. This section also covers the Regional and European collaborations that have been instrumental in advancing these technologies. Furthermore, it provides a thorough examination of the fertilizers used and the evaluation of their efficiency, based on detailed materials and methods.

This virtual exhibition is a faithful replication of the in-situ exhibition held in Pays de la Loire, sponsored by the Pays de la Loire Chamber of Agriculture. By making this immersive experience accessible online, RUSTICA ensures that a broader audience can gain comprehensive insights into the groundbreaking work being undertaken.



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