Regional workshop advances formalisation of organic fertilizer chain in Valle del Cauca, Colombia

During its fourth regional workshop, the RUSTICA project in Valle del Cauca has made significant progress towards formalizing the region’s first organic fertilizer chain. The workshop convened various stakeholders, including support entities for the primary sector, waste treatment plants, collection operators, and agricultural producers, among others.

Since its initiation in 2021, the RUSTICA project has aimed to foster collaboration among stakeholders involved in organic fertilizer production. Through a multi-stakeholder platform, the project seeks to promote the valorisation of agri-food waste, share global research findings, and translate them into actionable guidelines for the region.

The workshop highlighted the importance of creating synergies among chain actors to address common challenges and evaluate opportunities effectively. The Colombian Agricultural Institute emphasized the significance of public-private alliances in shaping effective agricultural policies.

Efforts have been made to institutionalize the multi-stakeholder space, with guidance from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Government of Valle del Cauca. The workshop also underscored the need for strategic planning and regulatory frameworks to enhance the competitiveness of the value chain.

Looking ahead, stakeholders remain optimistic about the potential of the organic fertilizer chain to enhance sustainability in the Colombian countryside. The Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers expressed aspirations for reducing environmental impacts and fostering a circular economy in food production and waste disposal.

The workshop served as a crucial step towards realizing these goals, with continued collaboration expected to drive further progress in organic fertiliser production and usage in Valle del Cauca.



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