A straight way to circular economy

Resources all around the world are depleting rapidly. Just like the fossil fuels, the nutrients in our agricultural lands are decreasing. Meaning our lands will produce less and less food while the global population keeps growing Besides the negative economic tendence, the use of these fossil fuels aids climate change. If we want a future for our planet, a change needs to be made. We need to recycle our resources, making not only the transition to circular economies, but also making a transition to circular lifestyles.

The RUSTICA project wants to prove this is possible, (without greatly impacting our way of life). By using more bio-based, ecofriendly technologies, the RUSTICA project aims to develop a bio-based fertilizer, returning the nutrients from organic waste streams back to our agricultural soils. 

DRANCO nv is the technical project manager of the RUSTICA project and (will) delivers/provides the technology. Using it extensive experience in anaerobic digestion technology, DRANCO can convert the organic waste streams into a nutrient and energy rich solution, also known as the CAP solution. Microbial organism can feed of the CAP solution, producing microbial protein while growing.

These microbial proteins can enrich our soils by slowly releasing carbon and nitrogen.

A second use for the CAP solution in the RUSTICA project is the isolation and up concentration of nutrients.

DRANCO believes that their CAP solution can be used for many more applications, even outside the scope of the RUSTICA project. The CAP solution is rich in Carboxylic acids (CAs). These carboxylic acids can be used in many other industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, to produce food and feed additives, as a precursor for bio-based plastics, to produce biofuels, …. DRANCO aspires to further develop its technology to help make circular economy possible in as many industries as possible worldwide.

Text: Dranco



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