Stakeholders forge path to sustainable agriculture in Almeria

Leaders and experts convened in Almeria for the fifth Spanish workshop of the RUSTICA project, organized by C.T. TECNOVA. Thirteen stakeholders joined forces to explore innovative solutions and strategic planning for sustainable agriculture in the gathering held at the Experimental Station.

The fifth workshop of the RUSTICA project in Almeria marked a significant stride towards sustainable agriculture, as stakeholders converged to explore innovative solutions.

The workshop commenced with a comprehensive introduction to the RUSTICA project, unveiling its objectives, technological advancements, and initial outcomes. This set the stage for dynamic discussions and interactions among participants, fostering enthusiasm and interest.

A detailed presentation on the Social Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Analysis methodology followed, with practical examples and discussions on relevant social topics. Stakeholders actively engaged, seeking clarity on the methodology’s implementation and implications for the region.

Panel discussions utilizing the ACV social methodology further enriched the dialogue, enabling stakeholders to share valuable perspectives and insights. The collaborative efforts led to a harmonized analysis tailored to address the unique needs of the region.

Field visits were a highlight of the workshop, providing firsthand experiences of ongoing trials and pilot actions, including biochar composting and bioconversion processes. These demonstrations underscored the commitment to sustainable practices, generating keen interest among participants.

With a sense of accomplishment, the workshop concluded with stakeholders encouraged to provide feedback through evaluation questionnaires, emphasizing a commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration.

Stakeholders forge path to sustainable agriculture in Almeria


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