Present Knowledge in Food Safety

A Risk-Based Approach Through the Food Chain

Present Knowledge in Food Safety: A Risk-Based Approach Through the Food Chain presents approaches for exposure-led risk assessment and the management of changes in the chemical, pathogenic microbiological and physical (radioactivity) contamination of ’food’ at all key stages of production, from farm to consumption. This single volume resource introduces scientific advances at all stages of the production to improve reliability, predictability and relevance of food safety assessments for the protection of public health. This book is aimed at a diverse audience, including graduate and post-graduate students in food science, toxicology, microbiology, medicine, public health, and related fields. The book’s reach also includes government agencies, industrial scientists, and policymakers involved in food risk analysis.

Chapter 71 on “Food and nutrition security: challenges for farming, procurement, and consumption” is written by Tessa Avermaete, Wannes Keulemans, Olivier Honnay, Gerard Govers, Barbara De Coninck and Tjitske Anna Zwart. They are members of KU Leuven Team (Project Coordinator)



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