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Esta iniciativa ofrecerá soluciones tecnológicas para convertir  los residuos agroalimentarios en novedosos fertilizantes orgánicos de alta calidad, que respondan a las necesidades de la agricultura moderna. El proyecto se llevará a cabo en cinco regiones, cuatro en Europa y una en América Latina (Valle del Cauca, Colombia). RUSTICA es financiado por el Programa de Investigación e Innovación Horizonte 2020 de la Unión Europea y cuenta con el apoyo de la Alianza Bioversity – CIAT para su implementación en Colombia.

A lo largo de su historia, la agricultura ha hecho uso de fuentes de nutrientes orgánicos para mejorar el rendimiento de los cultivos, principalmente en forma de estiércol y residuos de cultivos que se devuelven al campo. Sin embargo, en los últimos 100 años con la invención de fertilizantes producidos artificialmente, los productos fertilizantes orgánicos se han convertido en una minoría en las prácticas agrícolas convencionales de hoy.

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The RUSTICA project aims to foster the technical validation, demonstration and implementation of bio-based fertiliser and soil improvement production techniques focusing on waste from the fruit and vegetable agro-food system to close nutrient cycles on a regional level. An estimated 70 million tonnes of dry matter of field crop residues could be sustainably harvested for valorization. However, 1.5 million tonnes is lost. The project wants to bridge this gap between the nutrient losses in the form of agricultural residues and the nutrient imports in Europe by integrating and demonstrating 6 complementary technologies with high nutrient recovery potential to treat residues from the fruit and vegetable sector. For future information, please visit very soon.

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IDConsortium is a consultancy firm founded in Seville, Spain, in 2009 with the aim of helping researchers and businesses to internationalise and showcase their R&D by joining international consortiums to pursue different lines of research, development, and innovation. The firm is an offshoot of IDAction S.L., a company with a wide range of experience in managing R&D, innovation, and investment projects. We help promote clusters and sectorial organizations reach their potential at a national and international level. With our experience and involvement in various international innovation projects, we provide strategic advice in the following areas: Industrial Biotechnology, Advanced production systems in Agriculture, Livestock and Aquaculture based on Industry 4.0., and Innovative systems while promoting an active, healthy, and sustainable aging. Visit for more information.

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