Stichting CropEye

The CropEye foundation plays an independent role in the agricultural and horticultural business. Its core business includes:

  1. Organizing, initiating and directing multi stakeholder projects. They act in a process role: bringing companies and organizations together in a mainly non-competitive way. The nature of the projects varies from applied technology to strategy; however, the scope is always in the green domain. Its clients are private companies, (semi) government organizations, knowledge institutes etc.
  2. Research and Development processing; intervention management and bringing applications to the market; interface between R&D driven developments and market.
Daan Kuiper

RUSTICA brings everything together I experienced and learned before. Being a PhD biologist focussed on plant physiology I worked as a teacher for two years followed by positions at the Research Station for Floriculture and the Centre for Agrobiological Research (Wageningen). Within the latter job my work shifted to more marketing and major project management. After 10 years horti/agri I switched to the business as R&D Head of Grodan (stonewool substrates) on the cutting edge of sales and product development; getting skilled in proces-and project management and predictive innovating under pressure. Five years later Wageningen called on me to become business unit manager Greenhouse Horticulture: an energetic time bringing the unit in the modern time (change management). After ca. another 5 years I quitted and became head of the Nutrient Management Institute and at the same time I started my own company CropEye; core activities are project initiation, project direction in the agribusiness, bridging the gap between business and knowledge providers.

Daan Kuiper