Fundación para las Tecnologías Auxiliares de la Agricultura

CT TECNOVA is constituted as a private non-profit foundation and integrates 125 private companies, organizations and official institutions belonging to the industry of agriculture. Tecnova carries out applied research and innovation services, and offers support in the process of the implementation of innovations developed in the agricultural sector.

In 2007, it was declared as Andalusian Technological Centre for Auxiliary Industry of Agriculture. After several years of promoting Innovation in the SMEs and acquiring key staff and facilities for R&D in agrifood, in 2015, it was declared as Spanish National Technological Centre.

The mission of CT TECNOVA is the technological development and the promotion of the auxiliary industry and services for agriculture, by means of applied research and innovation support services, training courses and the development of clusters and different activities to promote the adoption of new technologies.

As a Technological Centre, and representative of one of the main economic drivers of Andalusia (9,831 million € production value), TECNOVA has played a key role in connecting the needs of the agroindustry to the policy makers (regional government).

Guadalupe López Díaz

Guadalupe López Díaz (female), BSc in agricultural engineering, Research Project Manager of CT TECNOVA she has participated and coordinate several projects related with intensive horticulture technologies and knowledge transference to SMEs and stakeholders in the agro-food sector. She is responsible of CT TECNOVA participation in H2020 and international cooperating programs. She has been involved as researcher in more than 20 R&D projects and has experiencie in project coordination.

Guadalupe López

Carolina Martínez

I am a PhD on Agronomy specialized on vegetable production under greenhouse conditions in semniarid regions and I am working as Research and Development Director of Tecnova Technologic Centre. I have been involved in more than 50 research projects with partnets of all over the world. My involvement in the RUSTICA project will be focused on the development of a pilot case in Spain and on the development of field trials to evaluate the performace of vegetable crops with the use the new agricultural imputs produced during this project.

Carolina Martínez

Rebeca Ramos

My name is Rebeca Ramos and I am an agronomic engineer and PHD in chemistry. I am the head of analytical services and biotechnology department in TECNOVA. My role in this project will be to develop all the laboratory analysis and participate in work packages related to waste collection techniques, such as composting and insect production.

Rebeca Ramos